Culinate Newsletter Nov 14 07

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 h1. Dear Readers,

  When I entered the King Corn Challenge with Curt Ellis and crew, I had little idea what I was in for. I'm still reeling and, I confess, I've messed up royally more than a few times (a ginger ale during a bumpy flight yesterday was the most recent transgression). Corn is everywhere -- as you'll start to realize after reading some of the comments on the Challenge page, many from people with corn allergies. Their lives depend on living corn-free, and while the rest of us may have it easier, we can learn much from their discoveries. 

 Speaking of challenges, Melissa Helquist works hard to eat local, but she won't participate in the eat-local challenge. I respect her choice -- in fact, I have yet to join an eat-local challenge myself -- but I have to say this: Without signing on to the corn challenge, I never would have had as great an understanding as I'm getting about the ubiquity of corn. Though I take pains to eat local foods, I am wondering what the eat-local challenge could teach me. 

 Anything that forces us to ask questions about where our food comes from is a challenge worth considering. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Don't miss Tom Philpott's review of Alice Waters' new book.

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story1text: It's hard to beat homemade croutons. Matthew Amster-Burton tells how to make and jazz them up. 
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story2text: In this week's Produce Diaires we're talking about cranberries -- just in time for cranberry sauce.

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recipe1text: Need a vegetable side dish to contribute to the Thanksgiving table? Matthew Card offers this sweet possibility.
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recipe2text: Craving chocolate? Bake up a batch of these fudgy bars for a mood-altering experience.
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