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The Perfect Wine at the End of a Meal, by Jay Quine

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It was a great wedding.  The ceremony, the friends and relatives, the music, the food, all perfect.  But the wine was running out.  Thanks to Jesus bringing His uninvited "wedding crashing" disciples, they were nearly out of wine.  So His mother asked Him, "What are you going to do about it?"  

First He called for 30 gallons of water be prepared in very large jugs.  After the water was poured, He called for the embarrassed caterer to come and taste the "wine."  Not knowing it's source, he dipped his cup and drank.  Excited by this new source of drink, he exclaimed, "Most pour the good stuff at the beginning of the meal, but you have saved it for last!"  Bring it on.  Jesus provides the perfect wine for the end of the meal.

Enjoy matching the perfect drink with your meal with your family and friends this season.  Not only at the beginning, but at the end of the meal too.  The Lord provides it all.