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Biblical History of Food, by Jay Quine

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Adam and Eve lived with the animals in perfect harmony, and were told they could eat of the fruit from every tree in the garden (but for the tree in the middle of the garden… the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).

We did not eat meat until after the world-wide flood.  When Noah stepped off the Ark (Genesis 9) he was told that they could eat of animals.  

When Moses gave the people of Israel the law, there were to be set apart from the rest of the world in part by not eating certain foods.  This was not for disease sake, for in the first century this prohibition for God’s people was removed (see Acts 10).  

In the future Kingdom to come, we will not only eat meat, but enjoy it with refined aged wine (Isaiah 25:6-7).  

Enjoy what the Lord provides you and your family today!  I love food!  We can eat anything!