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Help for Turkey Day

(article, Culinate staff)

Trying to be good, clean, and fair with your turkey-day festivities this year? In case you missed yesterday's Table Talk chat, Slow Food USA has published a Thanksgiving guide, featuring recipes culled from around the Web, info on heritage turkeys, tips and tricks for getting through the holiday with minimal fuss, and Slow Food's take on the origin myth of Thanksgiving.

Not included, alas, are actual tips on how to cook a heritage turkey — a bird that tends to cook faster and drier than standard Broad Breasted Whites, with bigger thighs and smaller breasts. Local Harvest has a quick cheat sheet as well as a recipe. Chow also has some tips on handling heritage birds, as does Rodale and the blog Tigers and Strawberries. And Grist has a nice wrap-up of the comeback of the heritage turkey.

Finally, the Environmental Working Group has a list of general tips for healthy holiday kitchens.