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Culinate Newsletter November 9

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 h1. Dear readers,
 When we were in college a friend of mine fasted for a day to raise money — and awareness — about Oxfam International and its work to feed people the world over. His efforts got my attention, and I've been a contributor ever since. 

 Now the people at Oxfam America are focusing on the GROW campaign, an effort to build a better food system — '"to

 In October, on World Food Day, Oxfam America asked folks to honor the work of farmers by hosting dinners with friends where the topic of conversation was, simply, food and where it comes from. To further conversation, Oxfam created placemats that highlight some of the organization's programs; the pdf is worth a look. 

 According to Sasa Tang, at Oxfam America, 353 dinners were held in 45 states. We're sharing [/recipes/collections/Contributors/oxfam "four recipes"] that were given to the GROW campaign by some notable cooks; I hope you'll take a look.

 As we approach Thanksgiving, I hope that — in addition to giving thanks for our bounty, we can have more conversations around the table — World Food Day style — about our food and where it comes from.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Unhurried dinners can be good both for kids and for grownups, says dad Steve Holt."
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story2text: "Anne Zimmerman found five new cookbooks that invigorated her fall cooking."

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recipe1text: 'We like to dust these crunchy snacks from Mark Bittman with cumin and smoked paprika.' 
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recipe2text: 'The nutrient-rich trifecta of almonds, prunes, and oats makes for a nutty, chewy treat.'

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