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Keeping up with the Jones

(article, Kim Carlson)

Legendary cookbook editor Judith Jones has written a memoir called [%bookLink code=0307264955 "The Tenth Muse"], and though that book has just come out, it sounds as if she's already plotting her next. In a fun-to-read interview with writer and chef Michael Ruhlman, Jones excoriates the Food Network, lauds food blogs, and says she'd like to see a new kind of cookbook on home cooking — and drops that she may just write it herself:

bq.I think there should be a cookbook on, and I may do it myself, the whole rhythm of home cooking and what makes it such fun, so creative, and how to buy, how to think through the week, how to, particularly if you’re alone, buy a little tenderloin of pork and how to use it three totally different ways.

Where do we go to pre-buy a book that's not yet written?

Furthermore, can we cast a vote for best food blog not yet conceived? Judith Jones Cooks at Home.