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Jam, Jelly & Relish

(book, Ghillie James)

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Making your own jams and preserves allows you to be truly creative in the kitchen — why limit yourself to bland shop-bought products when you can impress your friends and family with Strawberry and Rose Petal Jam, Fiery Tomato Ketchup, or Basil Vodka? 

Split into the four seasons, Jam, Jelly & Relish encourages you to make the most of fruit and vegetables throughout the year when they are at their best by storing away the bottles and jars for the later months.

Each season is packed with mouthwatering recipes, which are accompanied by simple ideas for how to use your jams, jellies, and preserves in innovative and delicious ways. For example, why not turn your Scottish Raspberry Jam into Cheat's Raspberry Ice Cream? 

With Ghillie James's expert advice and over 110 delicious recipes to choose from, you'll have a cupboard full of "convenience" foods, perfect for perking up last-minute suppers or transforming dinner party dishes.
Vanilla Poached Pears