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A donations primer

(article, Culinate staff)

A recent post on the blog Kitchen Mage summed up the basics of donating to good food causes for the holidays. The post includes not just tips on finding local food banks and a list of recommended food-related nonprofits, but helpful techniques for figuring out if the obscure local nonprofit you're interested in supporting is really worth your time and money — or if it's even really a nonprofit:

bq. Then there's Pirates Without Borders. Much as I hate to burst my own imaginary bubble of their good works with my pointy sword, and while acknowledging that they do have some worthy goals, I must warn you that Pirates Without Borders does not appear to be a not-for-profit. Please do not give them your money thinking they are going to cure scurvy, work on Pegleg Anti-Defamation or try to have parrots declared service animals. They are not. They are working on political change, which isn't usually a tax-deductible activity.

Finally, blogger Beth Sheresh wraps everything up with a list of weblinks to the resources she used to suss out nonprofits, so readers can do their own research.