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Simplifying salad

(article, Kim Carlson)

Lesley Porcelli, an editor at Gourmet, has a simple suggestion for a tasty salad. Her secret? Olive oil, salt, pepper, and — well, that's it. No lemon. No vinegar. No mustard. No garlic . . .

Of course, it probably helps if you use really good olive oil, and really, really_ good salt, but the greens? "This 'dressing' is just as good on heads of Romaine from the corner bodega that have seen better days as it is on the $8-a-pound purslane from the farmers' market," writes Porcelli.

Will you take Lesley Porcelli's advice?

And another salad question: In our extended family, salad eaters fall into two camps — those who eat salad before or with the main course, and those who eat salad afterwards. I'm in the latter category. What about you? Salad first, or salad later?