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Occupy Food Street

(article, Culinate staff)

As the Occupy Wall Street protest movement continues into its second month (and spreads nationwide, including to the Alaskan tundra), the food-politics crowd is getting in on the action. 

On the Atlantic's website, Tom Philpott recently called for food activists to join the protests, stating that "Big Food makes Big Finance look like amateurs." On the Civil Eats blog, Siena Chrisman recounted her experience marching on Wall Street as part of a food-justice delegation. Both writers detailed the by-now-familiar links between Big Ag, Big Finance, and the planet's food troubles.

On the Huffington Post, Kristin Wartman reminded readers that the anti-corporate sentiments of the protest movement should extend to food and chemical corporations, not just banks. And on Good's website, Peter Smith called for the protesters to come up with a signature dish symbolizing the movement.

Finally, for a bit of comic relief amid all this serious food-politics stuff, check out Richard Berman's recent rant against Meatless Monday, which, according to Berman, is a front for "radical activist groups in the food and beverage area." 

As James Norton snickered on Chow, "Oooh, Mr. Arsonist, please don't touch the blowtorch of sensible eating to the dynamite of consuming slightly fewer animals."