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The GMO label

(article, Culinate staff)

At the end of September, Food & Water Watch released a comprehensive report on GM food, which, as the blog Civil Eats noted, raised familiar questions about the possible consequences of going GM:

bq. Do genetically engineered foods really provide long term food security? Are we tracking the health or environmental implications? Who stands to benefit from the policy changes that could potentially allow GE foods to infiltrate our entire global food system? How do GE foods compare to their natural counterparts?

As the Just Label It campaign points out, most Americans want to know whether their food has been genetically modified — especially since the majority of the processed foods on our store shelves contain GE ingredients. 

In September, the Center for Food Safety petitioned the FDA to make GM food labeling mandatory, and now numerous nonprofits — including Just Label It, the Environmental Working Group, CREDO Action, Food Democracy Now! and the Pesticide Action Network — are calling for the FDA to follow the lead of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, and China in labeling genetically engineered foods. 

Concerned? You've got less than 180 days to share your thoughts with the FDA.