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Another Food Dialogues follow-up

(article, Culinate staff)

So far, the critical reaction to the Food Dialogues campaign has been, well, critical — panning the campaign as nothing more than greenwashing by America's established food-industry players. 

Now comes an assessment by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group, including a report on "a survey of American attitudes on issues related to agriculture, the environment and the federal budget." 

What sorts of things do Americans — as opposed to Big Ag — really care about on the farm? Well, according to the survey, "78 percent said making nutritious and healthy foods more affordable and more accessible should be a top priority in the next farm bill." 

Even the farmers' alliance behind Food Dialogues conducted surveys recently that turned up similar sentiments, such as "79 percent of consumers said 'producing healthy choices . . . is very important for farmers and ranchers to consider when planning farming and ranching practices.'" Well, whaddaya know.