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Culinate Newsletter September 28

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Recently, I was lucky to attend a "pesto fest," hosted by some new friends. The idea was that eight of us would pool food processors, Ziploc bags, and pesto know-how to transform a small-haystack-sized heap of basil — plus plenty of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and salt — into future servings of freezer pesto. I was determined not to be the one doing the alchemy; I've been making pesto since 1982, and because I love this condiment every which way, I was curious to watch (and taste) how others make it.

 Thus, I happily put myself in charge of the Ziplocs.

 What the three alchemists — Steve, Julie, and Jenni — came up with was absolutely delicious, redolent of my favorite fall herb, rich with oil, just-right garlicky, and perfectly salted. For various reasons I don't tend to add much salt to my own pesto, but I'll be revisiting that decision when I make my next batch solo. 

 Besides being a blast (thank you Jenni and Steve!), the fest reminded me that when it comes to cooking, and life, it pays to revisit the way you do things — even things you've been doing for decades. 

 Maybe especially things you've been doing for decades.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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