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Culinate Newsletter September 21

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Back when I edited a guide book for Portland, Oregon, one of the authors I worked with was the Oregonian's editorial page writer David Sarasohn, who contributed to the book as a restaurant reviewer. 

 So it's no surprise that I'm a fan of David's reviews (and I'm happy that he's still writing them). But honestly? Much more important than those reviews are the columns David writes about another angle on food: hunger in the state of Oregon and beyond. Just today in fact, David wrote that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that Oregon leads the nation in food insecurity for children; further, he shares evidence that childhood hunger has lasting effects into adulthood — which is bad news for everyone.

 And of course, there are hungry children everywhere. 

 After reading David's piece today, I wrote a check to my local food bank. I hope you'll consider joining me if you are able — in writing one to your own. In this land of plenty, no one should go hungry.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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