The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

(book, Claudia Roden)

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h4. From the publisher

In this updated and greatly enlarged edition A Book of Middle Eastern Food, Claudia Roden recreates a classic. Originally published in 1972, Roden's tour of the Middle East was hailed by James Beard as "a landmark in the field of cookery." This new version represents the accumulation of the author's 30 years of further extensive travel throughout the ever-changing landscape of the Middle East, gathering recipes and stories.

The New Book of Middle Eastern Food offers more than 800 recipes, including the aromatic variations that accent a dish and define the country of origin: fried garlic and cumin and coriander from Egypt, cinnamon and allspice from Turkey, sumac and tamarind from Syria and Lebanon, pomegranate syrup from Iran, preserved lemon and harissa from North Africa. 

Roden has worked out simpler approaches to traditional dishes, using healthier ingredients and time-saving methods without sacrificing any of the extraordinary flavor, freshness, and texture that distinguish the cooking of this part of the world.

The foods of the Middle East are a boon to the home cook looking for healthy, inexpensive, flavorful, and wonderfully satisfying dishes, both for everyday eating and for special occasions.