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Pillows of fall

(article, Miriam Wolf)

The pickup: We're coming to the end of our CSA subscription for the year, and the delivery is definitely feeling more autumnal. Last week, we got two beautiful (and big!) acorn squash, along with parsley, kale, leeks, peppers, melons, and tomatoes.

The results: The arrival of the squash, a garage-sale find of a vintage ravioli press, and the proximity of Pastaworks all came together nicely to produce an evening of squash ravioli. 

[%image "promo-image" width=350 float=right caption="Hearty acorn squash."] First the squash was cut in half and roasted until the flesh was tender and a little caramelized. It went into the food processor with a hunk of Pecorino cheese, a grating of nutmeg and the tiniest bit of milk, just enough to make it all come together. The salty, piquant cheese worked really well with the sweet squash. 

The new ravioli maker made fast work of filling the herb-flecked pasta sheets. After a quick boil, a little olive oil and some crisp fried sage leaves finished the dish nicely.

Of course, there was tons more filling than ravioli, so for the next day's dinner, I thinned it out with vegetable broth for a warming squash soup.

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