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Real food, on a reading device near you

(article, Culinate staff)

For folks who like the look of traditional print media but prefer to have it all on their e-readers, Nomad Editions is their publisher. The company puts out virtual niche magazines — on such topics as wine, dogs, film, and personal finance — that look like old-school print publications, but are formatted for iPads, iPhones, and the like. 

The company's new food magazine, Real Eats, comes out weekly; readers can peruse old editions online for free, or subscribe to get the latest on their battery-powered devices. Contributors include the likes of Barbara Fairchild (the former editor of Bon Appétit magazine) and Michelle Wildgen (of Tin House, who edited that magazine's Food and Booze). Articles so far include musings on whether the planet has enough mushrooms to satisfy avid foragers, the nature of birthday suppers, and the odd American preference for white meat over the much tastier dark meat.