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Singing the praises of small-scale farms

(article, Culinate staff)

Chipotle, the fast-food chain that promotes its use of natural ingredients, recently released a short advertising video in which (to the strains of Willie Nelson) a pig farmer goes from small scale to large scale and back again. 

The company has taken flak for the potential hypocrisy of being a large national company shilling the virtues of small local farming. But that hasn't stopped most critics from appreciating the animated film's sweet charm.

In more typical fast-food news, has gotten a petition going asking McDonald's (a former investor in Chipotle) to join Burger King and Wendy's in refusing to purchase pork from farms that use inhumane "gestation crates" for their breeding sows. The chief pork supplier to Mickey D's? Smithfield, a producer notorious for its animal abuse and refusal to reform.