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Eat your drink

(article, Ashley Griffin Gartland)

Few things signal a raucous college party like the presence of brightly hued Jell-O shots. But edible cocktails aren’t just for college students anymore. Gelatin versions of classic drinks are making a comeback in cocktail bars, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"We're talking about easy-to-make jelly shots," writes reporter Betty Hallock. "Envision them at your next soirée: shimmering solid cocktails such as squares of a fizzy jellied gin and tonic, slices of Campari-grapefruit gelée, or cubes of bourbon, Cointreau, lemon, and honey."

Sound appealing? Try the paper's recipe for Blueberry Martini shots, or the Prosecco gelée, which combines the classic Italian sparkling wine with a vanilla bean, sugar, and gelatin sheets. 

And shots aren't the only current intersection of food and cocktails. Portland's Gilt Club has introduced a seasonal cocktail flight promoting locally sourced produce; September's flight, for example, featured vodkas infused with apples, plums, and pears from local orchards, while October's flight of house-infused bourbon Manhattans was made from Northwest-picked cherries, grilled peaches, and figs. 

Want to make your own infusions at home? Check out Kelly Myers' column on preserving fruit with alcohol, then pick up a copy of [%bookLink code=9780811846004 "Infused"] to start concocting away.