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 h1. Dear Readers,

 As a youngster (don't you love that word?) I often went with my grandmother to the dairy where she bought gallons of fresh whole milk -- what I now know as raw milk. I loved watching the cows in the gleaming milking room and helping G pick out butter, cheese, and (for me) the occasional ice cream. I couldn't have imagined that someday this kind of operation would be illegal. 
 But as of January 2008, such facilities will be illegal in California. In other states, raw-milk dairies are so regulated it's hard to find them. (Curt Ellis had that problem recently when he wanted to make cheese -- good thing he persevered.) 
 I'm a big proponent of whole foods, and I'm all for food safety (who isn't?). So the issue of raw milk is a complicated one for me personally, as it is for many people. 

 I wish I could tell you that Sona Pai has all the answers in her raw-milk article on Culinate this week. But this is one issue where everyone needs to weigh the options and decide what to drink. In a culture that places high value on facts, this kind of inconclusiveness can be unsettling. 

 Here's the way I prefer to think about it: Five years ago, I was a typically busy mom, concerned with a whole host of household issues but not so much with food. I cooked and enjoyed entertaining, but too often I took our food for granted. Since then, much has happened to open my eyes to the possibilities that arise when you pay better attention to what you eat. Though there are many vexing questions about food out there -- organic or conventional, vegetarian or omnivorous, even raw or cooked -- honestly, I couldn't be more pleased to be finally asking them.

 And pleased that you're asking them too.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Today is Halloween -- the perfect time to make candied apples.
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recipe1text: Old recipes made new with the addition of buffalo, an excellent source of low-fat protein.
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recipe2text: Canned or roasted pumpkin makes for a moist and tasty quick bread. 
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