Culinate Newsletter Oct 24 07

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 h1. Dear Readers,

 Lots to tell you about -- but first I want to invite you to dinner. Join us in Portland on Saturday, December 1, at an event with Deborah Madison and others to raise money for school gardens. A family-style dinner prepared by area chefs, a discussion of local eating, a silent auction, and more are on the table. Details are available on Culinate. We hope you can make it.

 One guest who will join in the discussion that Saturday evening will be Anthony Boutard, as energetic and thoughtful a farmer as you're likely to come across. Check out Anthony's ideas about a CSA/farmers' market hybrid in the Culinate Interview this week.

 Finally, our Dinner Guest blog has another contributor: Harriet Fasenfest, the co-owner of a business that teaches people how to preserve food. In her blog, Harriet will navigate what it means to be an urban homesteader. Join her on the journey!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Not all mothers have a signature recipe, but Nancy Rommelmann's mom had one that could feed a soccer team.
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story2text: Our new feature -- the Culinate 8 -- zeroes in on mushrooms.

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recipe1text: No tomatoes but plenty of other vegetables go into this hearty party meal.
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recipe2text: Parmesan rind added to the soup while it's cooking adds a mysterious and delicious flavor.
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