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"Umami" Eggplant

(post, Lindsay Neu)

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This recipe doesn’t look like much, but it’s delicious. In my opinion it’s the best use of eggplant that we’ve discovered so far. 

Back in my supermarket days, eggplant was not an ingredient that I would ever purchase. When every form of produce is available at all times, it’s easy to ignore those that you enjoy less or are less familiar with. Because eggplant is in season in the summer, there is so much available at the greenmarket that I could still ignore the poor eggplant’s existence. 

But I guess that eating this way has challenged us to stretch ourselves. More importantly, there are so many beautiful types of eggplants at the market that they are hard to ignore (Fairy Tale, Turkish, Globe, Pingtung Long). It also helps that I find them to have a better texture and to be more flavorful than their inevitably-get-slimy supermarket cousins.

For the recipe, click here: