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Bittman Cookbook Scores with Chicken Adobo

(post, Neil Nathanson)

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On the way back from OSSA soccer tryouts this afternoon, Dana and I stopped for a Jamba (Green Tea something) and decided to also pick something up for dinner at New Seasons.  Nothing was striking my fancy, however, when I remembered the How to Cook Everything iPhone app on my phone.  I clicked on Most Popular and Chicken Adobo was the fifth recipe listed.  (The first most popular is "Boiled Water" which reminds me that whenever we would ask my Dad what was for dinner, he would always respond "Boiled Water and Fried Toothpicks."  Notwithstanding the title, Bittman is serious about "Boiled Water" which is apparently a basic soup.)

The Chicken Adobo was easy to make and quite tasty (maybe a little too salty - I may cut back on the soy sauce a little next time.)  Dana gave it two thumbs up!

Definitely check out the iPhone app - it's excellent.