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Mixt Salads

(book, Andrew Swallow)

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From healthy, superfood-packed entrée salads to indulgent affairs featuring premium ingredients, this bold collection of more than 60 recipes for voracious omnivores and vivacious salad lovers features unusual and dynamic ingredient pairings that take salads to a whole new level. 
In Mixt Salads, Andrew Swallow, the co-founder and executive chef of San Francisco’s beloved boutique salad joints, shares his inventive, flavor-forward creations. Blending all of the best trends in healthy, mindful eating — seasonal, locally grown, modest portions but big flavor — Swallow develops each entrée salad as if he were in the kitchen of a fine restaurant. With his penchant for innovative constructions and unabashed flavor, he reinvents the salad with playful yet elegant offerings such as:
Porky: mixed greens with pork tenderloin, roasted butternut squash, and port reduction
Donald: duck confit with persimmons and blue cheeses
Burger: ground Kobe with grilled onion
Lobster Boat: poached lobster with golden beets
Swallow teaches you how to create fresh, delicious, and addictive salads that take center stage as the entire meal, breaking free of side-dish status. Starting from scratch, he walks you through his salad-building essentials and highlights produce availability so that you can create your own imaginative masterpieces year round.
Bachelor Salad
Grapefruit and Jicama with Thai Basil