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Walnut Apple Salad

(recipe, Michael Kiriacon)

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A quick flavorful salad best served cold as desert or a snack.Nuts are Natures Original Fast Food,and when Walnuts are blended with another fast food;apples,you can't help but eat healthy.


  1. 1 Apple (Preferably a tart apple and organic)
  2. ½ oz. Fresh squeezed Lime Juice (can use lemon)
  3. 3 oz. of Walnuts, medium pieces (organic is better)
  4. Tabasco Sauce
  5. Bragg's Liquid Aminos
  6. 2 oz. Olive Oil, First Cold Press Extra-Virgin
  7. Real Salt (sea salt)


  1. Peel the apple removing the skin,quarter and remove core containing seeds
  2. Then cube the apple into pieces ¾" square
  3. Put cubed apple pieces directly in a glass serving bowl; such as a soup bowl
  4. Sprinkle Real Salt over apple pieces
  5. Squeeze Lime juice over apple pieces
  6. Add a couple of shakes of Tabasco Sauce over apple pieces
  7. Add a squirt or two of Bragg's Liquid Aminos over apple pieces
  8. Sprinkle Walnut pieces over apple pieces
  9. Pour Olive Oil over the Walnuts and Apples
  10. Stir apples and Walnuts with deep spoon to coat liquids over all the pieces
  11. Serve immediately.