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Culinate Newsletter July 13

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Rising food prices might make us more appreciative of our food — at least the quality and quantity of it. But what about recognizing all that goes into creating it? Are we any closer to that? 

 [/articles/opinion/foodjustice "Trista Cornelius is more aware than ever"] of the energy, effort, and time (not to mention good luck) that goes into food production, thanks in part to a new book she's read, Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi's Food Justice. Trista, for one, will never be able to see a simple plate of fruit, cheese, and crackers as "just food" again.
 But at the same time, Trista admits that when she goes to the kitchen first thing in the morning, she's not immediately thinking about what's fairly harvested or organic or locally grown; she's wondering what's convenient and tasty. Boy, can I relate to that. The key, says Trista, is getting to a point where everything we eat, as Google might say, does no evil. Not to the people who grow and harvest the food, not to the earth, not to the animals who give their lives, their milk, their eggs.

 Is fairness — and transparency, which is closely related — too much to ask for when we talk about food?

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Go wild! Jennifer Walker has eight bright ideas for making budget-eating more interesting." 
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story2text: "Keith Wagstaff and his mom turn the adobo she's made for years into an actual recipe."

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recipe1text: "From Jose Pizarro's 'Seasonal Spanish Food,' comes this easy but sensational dessert."
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recipe2text: "This version of the classic is spiced with curry and sweetened with fruit." 

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