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Provençal Style Sandwich

(post, William Widmaier)

I’ve been thinking about a Provençal style sandwich I made on the fourth. It was quite good. You might want to give it a try. It’s not hard…

Provençal Style Sandwich
I’ve left the exact proportions out because this is not complicated and you should be able to adjust depending on how many people you are feeding, but for purposes of shopping you can figure loosely, per-person you will need: 
1 sausage, 1/2 a red bell pepper, 1/2 a small hot red pepper, a quarter sweet yellow onion, and a tablespoon of Provençal aioli. 

Alor, la preparation:
Slice the large red bell peppers into wide strips, taking the seeds out.
Do the same with the small, ripe, hot red peppers.
Follow with slicing the onion into big fat slices.
In separate bowls marinate each in just balsamic vinegar and olive oil – basically a very simple vinaigrette drizzled over them. 

While they marinate, whip up a bowl of Provençal aioli. You can find this recipe in my book "A Feast at the Beach".

Lay the peppers (large and small) and the onion slices on the BBQ grill. Reserve the marinating bowls and the vinaigrette left in the bowls. 
Roast the peppers until they blacken about 30% on both sides (yes, you will need to flip them). 
Grill the onions, flipping and stirring as needed, until they soften and start to brown.
Return each ingredient into its original bowl and toss them lightly with the leftover vinaigrette.

Put some fat sausages on the grill. On the fourth I made a variety for the different guests, including mild chicken Italian, hot pork Italian, and a pork bratwurst. I liked the bratwurst best, but all were good.

When the sausages are ready, slice open a baguette length wise about four fifths of the way through so that it makes a V.  Slather both sides of the cut bread with aioli, drop a sausage into it then stuff with some of the sweet roasted bell peppers, a couple slices of the roasted hot peppers, and good bunch of the grilled onions.

Eat accompanied with your favorite Rhone or Provençal wine (red or rose).

Warning, it may be a bit messy, but in a good way.

If you give it a try, tell me what you thought.

Bon apetit,
Le Capitaine