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A Q&A with Michael Jacobson

(article, Culinate staff)

For decades, Michael Jacobson has been the gadfly behind the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit dedicated to reforming America's food production, policies, and habits. He's focused his PR efforts on food safety and junk food (including sugar). Last month the Atlantic ran a Q&A with Jacobson, giving him a chance to sum up his career and be witty to boot:

bq. Because the Center for Science in the Public Interest and I are frequently in the news with comments about how healthy or junky certain foods are, I suspect that many people think we're superhuman raw-food athletes who never eat cookies and spend our days preparing clever press releases. In fact, we're normal, real people who believe in moderation and transparency (disclosure: yes, I sometimes eat white bread!).

His hopeful prediction? That as American youth become more aware of what they eat and change their diets accordingly, the entire food system will follow suit.