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Choosing home cooking over restaurants

(article, Culinate staff)

Over on the Atlantic's food channel, New York restaurateur Sara Jenkins recently argued in favor of "simplicity, good ingredients, and not overwhelming eaters with fat and salt." In other words, stay away from restaurants and cook at home, folks:

bq. Even in the finest restaurants, restaurant food, while delicious and deserving of its place as entertainment and theater, is really not the best food at all. It's over-sauced and over-salted and over-rich, because the only thing restaurant chefs have to worry about is that the food tastes exquisite on the table. They don't have to worry about whether you should eat less salt and fat or eat more vegetables or if you are consuming trans fats or saturated fat or petroleum.

Her tips for home cooks? Keep it simple: buy quality ingredients, don't fuss too much over the cooking, and pay attention to the amount of salt and fat you're using. It'll be good, and good for you, too.