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Global food justice

(article, Culinate staff)

Oxfam, the well-known international organization dedicated to fighting global poverty and injustice, recently announced a food-justice campaign called GROW. Oxfam also released a report, '"Growing outlining the campaign's rationale and goals. 

The report summary paints a grim picture: "This report describes a new age of growing crisis: food price spikes and oil price hikes, devastating weather events, financial meltdowns, and global contagion. Behind each of these, slow-burn crises smoulder: creeping and insidious climate change, growing inequality, chronic hunger and vulnerability, the erosion of our natural resources." 

But, as Agweek noted, Oxfam's campaign includes multiple prongs, including focusing on providing aid to small producers, ending speculation in agricultural commodities, stopping government support for corn-based ethanol, reforming the U.S. food-aid system, and regulating foreign land and water grabs.