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Eating GMOs

(article, Culinate staff)

Over on Grist, Tom Philpott recently asked a seemingly obvious question: Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?

The question, he concluded, doesn't have any easy answers. No, eating a GMO-laced burger from a fast-food joint won't kill you today or tomorrow. But it might have more insidious long-term consequences. And because the U.S. government relies on the GMO industry to police itself, "regulation of the safety of GM food is virtually nil, and research is scant and largely industry-funded."

Philpott calls for more independent (i.e., non-industry-funded) research into the matter, and wraps things up with a creepy study from Canada that detected the presence of a GM toxin from corn in both pregnant women and their fetuses. What does it mean? No one knows.