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Gilding the lily

(article, Culinate staff)

So the Web has long been home to digital food magazines and foodie shopping emporia. Now a new mashup, Gilt Taste, has housed the two concepts under a single pixellated roof. 

Helmed by former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and staffed with folks like Francis Lam and Melissa Clark, the site currently features written contributions from Barry Estabrook and Hank Shaw. 

It's also a marketplace for artisanal foods and high-end gear, broken down by category: meat, seafood, cheese and dairy,  pantry, sweets, produce, and equipment.

As the San Francisco Chronicle noted, most of the site's well-written and beautifully photographed content is tied directly to the site's marketplace: "A personal essay on foraging for wild mushrooms is partnered with buying information for Connie Green's Wine Forest Mushrooms in Napa, for example; and if you're inspired by the recipe for butter-poached white and green asparagus you can immediately order the vegetable shipped to your door."

For the insta-spoof, check out what Twitter persona (and fellow mashup) Ruth Bourdain has done with the concept: Guilt Taste.