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The Wild Table

(book, Connie Green & Sarah Scott)

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In the last decade, the celebration of organic foods, farmers' markets, and artisanal producers has dovetailed with a renewed passion for wild delicacies. In the forefront of this movement is longtime "huntress" Connie Green, who sells her gathered goods across the country and to Napa Valley's finest chefs, including Thomas Keller and Michael Mina. 

Taking readers into the woods and on the roadside, The Wild Table features more than 40 wild mushrooms, plants, and berries, from prize morels and chanterelles to fennel, ramps, winter greens, huckleberries, and more. 

Grouped by season (including Indian summer), the delectable recipes — from Hedgehog Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Tart and Bacon-Wrapped Duck Stuffed Morels to homemade Mulberry Ice Cream — provide step-by-step cooking techniques, explain how to find and prepare each ingredient, and feature several signature dishes from noted chefs. Each section also features enchanting essays capturing the essence of each ingredient, along with stories of foraging in the natural world. 

The Wild Table is an invitation to the romantic, mysterious, and delicious world of foraged food. With gorgeous photography throughout, this book will appeal to any serious gatherer, but it will also transport the armchair forager and bring to life the abundant flavors around us.
Basket-Grilled Morels
Grilled Quail with Chanterelles, Pancetta, and Soft Polenta