Tastes Like Cuba

(book, Eduardo Machado & Michael Domitrovich)

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h4. From the publisher

An internationally acclaimed playwright, Eduardo Machado has grappled with questions of identity, loss, and resistance throughout his life and work. He has been able to convey the experiences of both the Cubans who chose to stay in Cuba and those who chose to leave. His fearless style and unabashed politicism in the face of dissent have made him a controversial figure to the Cubans and Americans on opposite sides of an intense conflict.

In his memories and in his more recent travels to Cuba, he has found that the most natural means of connecting with today’s Cuban experience is through food. Machado says, “When I taste something I haven’t tasted in 20 years, I can’t resist that connection to the past, to the conflict, to the identity that is mine. I know the feeling as I taste the flavor. There are no arguments, no political controversies, just the real sensation. If it’s that complex, it must be Cuban.”

Tastes Like Cuba is the moving account of an exile searching for the identity he's lost and becoming someone else in the process.
Bistec Empanizado (Breaded Steak)