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Discovering Colorado's Best Brewerys

(post, Justin White)

There is no denying it, America loves beer. Often vacations are even planned around beer. There are few better beer vacation destinations than Colorado. Below are just a few of the spots to consider on a Colorado brewery crawl.

New Belgium Brewing Company is located in Fort Collins. This brewery ranks at the top in the eyes of many beer experts. As a side note, this brewery was also ranked as one of the best places to be employed. Maybe this is one explanation for their great beer. There is no denying that this place knows what works in the beer world. They offer a sampler every Saturday, so do not miss this chance to try some of their offerings.

Also located in Fort Collins is the Odell Brewing Company. This brewery doesn't branch their beers off into the world of fruity and exotic flavors. They stick with brewing solid, standard beers, and they do it well. Sticking to basics has allowed them to perfect the beers they have on offer here. Should you not have a chance to stop by, take heart; these beers are sold throughout the region.

The Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs is a secret to many. Inside its walls are some of the best handicraft beers anywhere. This location is kid friendly, and has non-alcoholic offerings that they can enjoy while you taste their clever brews. It may not look like much of a place, don't base your opinions on looks alone. Waiting inside these doors is a selection of brews sure to please any beer lover.

Left Hand Brewing Company is situated in Longmont. The Sawtooth Ale and Imperial Stout are must try offerings and they offer so much more. The beers offered here are solid creations that taste great and go down smooth. This is one of the more well known breweries, thanks to a clever marketing team, but you will still be able to find a seat in this popular brewery.

The Mountain Sun Brewery is located in Boulder. This brewery offers fourteen staple draft options each and every day. On top of the beer, this is a great place to grab a bite. In addition to interesting beer and great food, this building itself makes this brewery worth visiting. Colorfully painted with murals, this place is hip. While there, be sure to try the Java Porter.

Drinking beer, or any alcohol for that matter, comes with responsibility. While you may be responsible, other people may not. Should you find yourself in an accident, contact a Colorado Springs car accident attorney right away.