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Victorian Scrap Cookies

(recipe, Sara Perry)


In Victorian times, sugar cookies known as “scrap cookies” were often decorated with paper illustrations of Saint Nicholas and other Christmas characters and scenes. Make your own by adding paper decorations (photocopied photographs, for example) to cookies baked with cut-out spaces. These cookies make wonderfully old-fashioned tree ornaments, but they are also meant to be eaten. Remember to remove the paper decoration before taking a bite.


  1. Dough for Gingerbread Men
  2. Small paper decorations


  1. Make the dough for Gingerbread Men.
  2. Cut cardboard stencils in the shape of the paper images you wish to put on the cookies. Cut out cookies using the stencils, and bake as directed in the recipe. (If the cookies are to be used as ornaments, press a hole through the top with a drinking straw or large skewer.)
  3. After the cookies are baked and cooled, attach the pictures to them with a stiff mixture of powdered sugar and water. Store the cookies in airtight containers, separated by layers of waxed or parchment paper to prevent the fat in the cookies from staining the pictures.


This recipe comes from Sara Perry's article on holiday desserts.