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The Crabby Cook Cookbook

(book, Jessica Harper)

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In a very funny and slightly edgy cookbook, the actress Jessica Harper shares her travails as a working mother of two trying to figure out the daily meal shuffle. 

How do you feed a family of picky eaters when you’re not crazy about being in the kitchen in the first place? In The Crabby Cook Cookbook, Harper is cheerfully crabby about having to cook early in the day for the two kids who eat only six things, then later for the husband who eats only about eight things, none of which share common ground with those first six. 

The Crabby Cook is about how to change your food-i-tude to one of relaxation. Harper is emphatic that “sort of homemade” is often just as good as homemade, and shares some of her favorite Miracle Foods that everyone loves, including turkey chili and rigatoni. And despite her discomfort with entertaining, she even includes an entertaining survival guide, featuring drinks, Whore’s Doorves, Dip One and Dip Two, and My Big Fat Greek Platter.
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