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Culinate Newsletter March 30 11

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Here at Culinate we are perennially grateful to our talented writers — columnists, Dinner Guest bloggers, and contributors, plus authors whose books we excerpt in an attempt to help us all eat with greater awareness. Whether we're focusing on flavor, technique, the political aspects of food, the social ties of food, or something else (and it's usually all related), the writers and their stories are the ingredients that give our soup its flavor.

 We've done some shuffling of columnists in recent months: While the incredible [/columns/deborah "Deborah Madison"] continues to inspire us all on a monthly basis with her cooking and ingredient-focused posts, Matthew Amster-Burton is taking time away from [/columns/bacon "Unexplained Bacon"]; like you, we eagerly await his return. Kelly Myers continues with [/columns/frontburner "Front Burner,"] where she aptly translates techniques and ideas from the restaurant kitchen for use in the home; watch for Kelly's next post, in which she'll explore a new chapter in her work. The dynamic Kim O'Donnel continues her popular [/columns/tabletalk "Table Talk"] chats, albeit not always on a weekly basis; stay tuned for announcements of special guests she has lined up in coming weeks. 

 I am excited to introduce our newest columnist, Adam Ried. Adam, a talented Boston-based writer and cook who's spent years working with the  Cook's Illustrated crew, will send us monthly posts on, well, whatever he feels like. I hope you'll hop over to the first installment of [/columns/adamsrib "Adam's Rib"] and get acquainted. And don't hold back:  I know Adam would love to hear your kitchen-remodeling stories — gory details and all.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "A review of two new cookbooks that may inspire you to cook from scratch, with farm-fresh ingredients." 
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story2text: 'Says this author and activist: "I think there ought to be a food-competency test for all high-school students. You should be able to prepare maybe 10 dishes from whole, unprocessed food."'

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recipe1text: "Make Amy Pennington's luscious soup with ingredients you probably have on hand."
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recipe2text: "This winning recipe is from Jessica Harper's hilarious book, 'The Crabby Cook.'" 

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