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Falafel, and cooking for two

(post, E Ree)

One of my favorite dishes. So many recipes to make them! I like Simply Suppers' Falafel recipe but it seems to have come out differently each time I've made it. This time, a little too dry. Trying not to use egg, but it wouldn't hold without it. Served with left over chipotle hummus (it's still burning my stomach) and questionably fresh cucumbers and lettuce.

Cooking on the fly without the ideal ingredients (requiring substitutions and less than fresh vegetables) on a limited time budget ("I'm hungry!") is so frustrating. I feel so cornered--I did the best I could! Such a disappointment to share a hapless, thrown together meal. I keep cooking and cooking, hoping that more practice and time are going to make this easier, more second nature and intuitive--not just sauteing but the planning and timing aspects, too. I know in this case it wasn't all me--I need D to be more supportive of the planning ahead aspect of preparing healthful meals. On the other hand, he never complains and eats everything I make (even the failed chickpea cutlets: mushy, undercooked and stringy, apparently resembling terrible, flavorless crab cakes). But I don't want to feel cornered. And I don't want to feel cornered later on, when I'm cooking for a whole family: hungry children's mouths begging for dinner. 

Trying to push through these feelings of discouragement--I cleaned out my sad fridge and am planning on a grocery trip tomorrow. I'll make some quinoa!