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 h1. Dear Reader,
 Noted author Mary Roach  (Stiff and Spook) explores the intricacies of taste on Culinate this week, as she sets out to discover what makes her brother as timid an eater as she is adventurous. Good news for parents who hope their children will grow up to like a range of foods: "It often takes as many as 10 exposures for a child to get over the fear of a new food," says Leann Birch at Penn State University. Persevere!

 Ever wonder about dry-aged beef and whether it's worth seeking out? Matthew Amster-Burton (aka Mamster) conducts a steak experiment so the rest of us don't have to.

 Scientific testing has proved the DASH diet can help reduce hypertension. In Health+Food, Catherine Bennett-Dunster offers a whole host of suggestions for making DASH a regular part of your life. Bottom line? Eat more vegetables. Here are some ways we've been preparing vegetables (and other summer favorites) this year.

 And finally, I hope you're squeezing the most out of these last weeks of summer. Recently, Keri Fisher gave us a trio of tasty chicken salads, which would make terrific late-summer outdoor fare. These uncomplicated main-dish salads will probably please almost anyone seated on your picnic blanket.

 Even your brother.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Scratches, stained fingers, and a bountiful harvest -- it's blackberry season.
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story2text: Why is this woman so happy that Wal-Mart sells organics?

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recipe1text: Gravlax is a cinch to make and will win over anyone lucky enough to sample it.

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recipe2text: Serve this salad with tacos or fajitas.

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