Good Tempered Food

(book, Tamasin Day-Lewis)

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h4. From the publisher

What is good-tempered food? Delicious food prepared with attention, care, and above all, a genuine pleasure in the process. Tamasin Day-Lewis offers a dazzling array of recipes, emphasizing the essential joys of cooking, proving that taking time in the kitchen doesn't mean making things difficult or fussy.

Good Tempered Food shows how to plan in advance and half-prepare a dish a day before. It explains how to master the timing of various elements when organizing a meal. Here is food that you can cook a bit of now, a bit of later, prepare today for tomorrow, tinker with, freeze, or reheat and enjoy later.

Drawn from a wide variety of cultures and tastes, Good Tempered Food is full of imaginative recipes that will remind you of the enormous pleasure to be found in the unhurried, unchaotic ritual of transforming a handful of ingredients into a sublime, soul-satisfying meal.
Roast Boned Leg of Pork with a Spiced Orange Rub and Orange Sweet Potatoes
Chocolate Mocha Cake with Irish Whiskey