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A food-news smorgasbord

(article, Culinate staff)

Four years ago, when Culinate debuted, food journalism was generally still relegated to a newspaper's food section, or perhaps a restaurant critic's column. Sure, Michael Pollan was writing regularly for the New York Times Sunday magazine, and the New Yorker had begun its annual food issue a few years before. But it was rare to see food-focused journalism elsewhere in the media, except for the occasional scary news story (E. coli outbreaks, anyone?).

Times have changed. Take yesterday's New York Times,_ for example. In addition to the expected food column in the magazine (newly penned by Mark Bittman), there were news articles about a potential ban in California on shark fins (a Chinese delicacy from an endangered species) and the resurgence of farming among young Americans, an op-ed on school-lunch reform in New York City, an essay about food waste, and a business feature on a natural-soda start-up.