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Frozen over fresh

(article, Culinate staff)

Let's say you buy frozen fruit and vegetables in the winter, because you know they're generally fresher (since they were frozen soon after picking) than "fresh" produce shipped halfway around the world. But you probably don't buy frozen meat on the same principle. 

That's a shame, says food writer Ari LeVaux. Cows kept out of feedlots and fed only on grass taste best when slaughtered in the summer, so if you want grass-fed beef, buy it frozen. 

LeVaux also notes that switching to a frozen mentality makes for cheaper meat in the long run: "Keeping meat fresh is more labor- and energy-intensive, and presents more opportunities for errors that could compromise food safety or quality. Nonetheless, consumers readily pay more for fresh meat against their own best interest."

The best grass-fed beef, of course, is available to bulk shoppers. LeVaux offers tips for buying direct, but Ellen Jackson's Culinate round-up gives you all the how-to details.