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Grilled Tuna Fillet on the sinful side

(post, Agnes Abplanalp)

Tuna is a fish that can be quite strong in texture and taste. To avoid any disappointments and eat triple A quality I go to the sushi counter of food markets and buy a nice rectangular piece of sashimi tuna. I know.... almost a sin. I don't eat it raw. I prepare it. And it is heaven!!

I take this 200 gram piece and make sure I cut 3 same pieces, perfect in geometry. I then sprinkle them with light soy sauce and/or fresh lemon juice. This marinates and "cooks" the fish before even spicing or touching it. 
Let it rest like that for half an hour - if you are in a hurry, for 5 minutes. Then take a good pepper mill and sprinkle pepper all over the tuna fillet on all four sides. Let it rest for at least a couple of minutes.

Then heat a pan and add a few drops (yes, not more!) of olive oil. Place the tuna and let each side grill. Keep an eye on it as each side only takes about 1 or 2 minutes. Those fillets are small. Then turn off the heat and let the fillet rest in the pan until you have arranged what goes with the fillet. 

Here is what I love with it. A bed of baby rocket leaves sprinkled with olive oil and balsamic dressing, crunchy spicy chilies and fresh sweet tomatoes. This is a great dinner for one. Real exclusive, almost sinful if thinking how I used the fish that was supposed to be eaten raw in a grilled dish. But the more you will appreciate the texture and delicate taste. Enjoy.