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(recipe, Jacob Grier)


Maurin Quina is a sweet white wine flavored with quinine and cherries and fortified with cherry brandy. It's a lovely aperitif on its own, but it's also delicious in this cocktail.


  1. 1½ oz. Krogstad aquavit
  2. ½ oz. Maurin Quina
  3. ½ oz. lemon juice
  4. ½ oz. honey-lavender syrup (see Note)
  5. Lemon twist, for garnish


  1. Shake the first four ingredients together with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with the lemon twist.


To make the honey-lavender syrup, combine 1 cup hot water with ¼ cup lavender petals and ½ cup honey. Let cool and strain.