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Negroni Bianco

(recipe, Jacob Grier)


This cocktail comes from Douglas Derrick, head barman at the acclaimed Portland Italian restaurant Nostrana. He uses three different tonic wines in this concoction. There’s the familiar Lillet, the more bitter Cocchi Americano from Italy, and Bonal, a French aperitif flavored with quinine and gentian. It’s a lot of flavors in one glass, but it tastes great.


  1. 1½ oz. gin (Doug suggests Plymouth)
  2. ½ oz. Cocchi Americano
  3. ½ oz. Lillet Blanc
  4. 8 drops ginger extraction (see Note)
  5. Bonal rinse
  6. Orange twist, for garnish


  1. Stir the first four ingredients with ice and strain into a Bonal-rinsed cocktail glass, then garnish with an orange twist.


To make the ginger extraction, juice fresh ginger and preserve the liquid with grain alcohol (such as Everclear) at about 5 percent of the juice’s volume.