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Chili and Cheese

(post, Agnes Abplanalp)

All my friends know that each of my meals has to be accompanied by chili. Where ever I am and no matter what time of the day I will ask for chili padi, tabasco, cut chili or anything HOT available. 

This is no problem until you are in an acclaimed restaurant where a highly acknowledged chef cooks. If the cuisine is refined it is an offense. Yes, an offense. Just like asking for salt or pepper when eating at someone's house. Immediate question is: not tasty enough, not enough spice for you? What can you say to that? For a chili lover the food is not complete until it is spicy and hot. 

Look at my fridge. There you will see all sorts of chilies, red, green, yellow, small, tiny and large. Depending on the spice level required I cut the according type of chili. The little sweat you break into when eating it - heaven. Now combine this with something cool and mild. Like cheese. This is one of my all time favorites: make a cheese platter of Emmental, Brie, Gruyere and any other cheese of your choice. Slice a few cooling cucumbers and arrange artistically on a plate. Add a few nuts. Pine nuts are fantastic, walnuts delicious with cheese and wine. Then, on one part of the plate (or on a separate plate) serve chili. Eat the cold cheese with the hot chili. This combination is awesome. 

Now, where does this love for chili come from? I was born in Hungary, the land of many things, but also paprika. From early age I saw my parents and their friends fiest and have loads of spicy add-ons. Mostly hungarian style peperoni that is really hot. It is yellow and looks very innocent. Until you try it. Even though it is large and looks like a mild peperoni it is as hot as fire. 
Until now, having traveled the world and lived in many countries this love for spice never went away. I am a caucasian, scaring people of how much chili pepper "I can take". 

Here is what I eat each night before going to bed: I slice a good ripe cheese into almost see-through extremely thin pieces. Then I slice an entire chili pepper (or more) and arrange on  a plate. Every single night before going to bed I eat that. Even when traveling... I find my ways to arrange this.

Try it.