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Take the challenge

(article, Culinate staff)

Today is the first day of March. A good time, should you feel so inclined, to take the GOOD Challenge and give up processed food for a month.

What counts as "processed food"? According to GOOD food editor Nicola Twilley, a diehard definition includes pretty much everything except fresh whole foods — including such pantry staples as canned tomatoes, tea and coffee, and nearly all forms of dairy. Twilley had been feeling smug, but now she was worried:

bq. Everyone from Mark Bittman to Lance Armstrong advocates eliminating "processed foods" from your diet, and it sounds like common sense. On the other hand, given that "processed" really only means "altered from its natural state," does that mean that I accidentally signed up for a raw food diet?

Twilley took the challenge for the month of February, and plans to update readers sometime in early March on how it went. Stay tuned.