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Perfect giveaway

(article, Kim Carlson)

Is there a better month than August for eating ice cream? Of course, if you want fresh Oregon strawberry ice cream, you have to have that earlier, but there are plenty of seasonal flavors to be had during this heyday of summer: cherry, peach, blackberry, huckleberry . . . 

OK, and there's always chocolate. Aren't we lucky that chocolate bars don't have a season?

[%image "promo-image" width=300 float=left caption="I scream for ice cream."] And any time is the right time for vanilla. 

(Did you see this key to what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you? I'm remaining noncommittal.)

From time to time we receive cookbooks in the office for review; that's what happened a few months ago when FedEx brought a copy of David Lebovitz's new book, The Perfect Scoop. I won't say Caroline, our managing editor, pounced on it — she's not a pouncer — but after a day or two, it did go home with her. She and Caleb, her husband, spent several weekends whipping up batches of ice cream, and every Monday she dutifully reported their many successes to us in the office while we tried not to drool. 

One day, after ample testing had been done and a review had been written, Caroline brought the book with her to work to pass along to James, the software chief, so that he could have a go at a recipe or two. But he took one look at what had clearly become Caroline and Caleb's beloved cookbook — with its tabbed and stained pages — and sent it right back with her. 

You can just tell when a book has found its home.

The bookish people at Ten Speed Press would like us to help them give away three copies of The Perfect Scoop, signed to each lucky winner by the author. So that's what we're going to do, right here. Just leave a comment below, telling us who you're going to make ice cream with, or for, and presto, you're entered in the contest. We'll pick three random winners on Friday, August 10.

Good lick!

Please note: Entry for the drawing is closed as of 12:45 pm (PST), August 10th, 2007.

Congratulations to our three winners:  Jenny from California, Amy from Washington, and Jeffrey.  We hope you all enjoy your "Perfect Scoop."

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