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The power of five

(article, Culinate staff)

Top-10 lists are nice, but sometimes five is all you can handle. 

Take, for example, the recent round-up on the organic-food blog Living Maxwell questioning the health merits of five common organic foods, including tofu, soy milk, agave, kombucha, and peanuts. Peanuts? Turns out that mold can be a problem with both conventional and organic peanuts, which is why blogger Max Goldberg plumps for generally mold-free Valencia peanuts. (Finding peanut butter made with Valencias can be tricky — although Arrowhead Mills does make an organic Valencia butter.)

Then there's the PBS blog The Food We Eat, which recently featured five food-safety myths, including the notion that food safety has worsened in recent years. (Actually, disease outbreaks have declined.) Most useful may be the reminder that the majority of food-borne illness is contracted in restaurants, thanks to poor hygiene. Yet another reason to cook at home.